Viewing Childcare Environments through the Lens of Photo Essays: A Reflective Tool for Pre-Service Teachers

Faculty Instructor: Leslie Craigo
Artist: Res
ECE 409, Early Childhood Practicum II: Pedagogy for Infants and Toddlers
Borough of Manhattan Community College

Asian American History: “What a test never taught me…”

Faculty Instructor: Soniya Munshi
Artist: Melissa Liu
ASN 114, Asian American History
Borough of Manhattan Community College

Linguistic Landscapes: Unpacking Language Hierarchies

Faculty Instructor: Inés Vañó García
Artist: Ryan Seslow
ELL 101, Introduction to Language
LaGuardia Community College

Black Land Ownership

Faculty Instructor: Prithi Kanakamedala
Artist: Walis Johnson
HIS 37, African-American History
Bronx Community College

Poetry and Public Life

Faculty Instructor: Nate Mickelson
Artist: Carlos iro Burgos
ENGL 215, Topics in Literature
Guttman Community College

Environmental Ethics

Faculty Instructor: Kristina Baines
Artist: Vaimoana (Moana) Niumeitolu
UBST 2014, Urban Studies Special Topics 
Guttman Community College